Sorekayi Dosa | Lauki Dosa

Soft dosas made with sorekayi/lauki
04/18/2016 9:43:39 PM vindhyadesai

Sorekayi/Lauki or bottlegourd in any form is very good for health. Getting kids to eat lauki can be an arduous task. But when they cannot see that you are actually feeding them lauki it would make your job a lot more easier. These soft fluffy dosas are so tasty that no one can guess that you have added sorekayi/lauki in them. It is a type of squash mostly found in South Asia. It is a highly recommended vegetable to aid in weight loss. ... “Sorekayi Dosa | Lauki Dosa”

Tomato Bhaat | Tomato Rice

Mildly fragrant and tangy tomato rice
04/16/2016 6:35:03 PM vindhyadesai

A tasty and flavourful rice for that busy working day. Easy to make and liked by most, tomato rice can be served with any raitha or just plain yogurt/curd. When I have excess tomatoes at home I always make tomato bhaat or tomato gojju both South Indian style. ... “Tomato Bhaat | Tomato Rice”

How to cook rice

Cooked plain regular non-sticky rice for bhaat/pulao
04/15/2016 10:12:49 PM vindhyadesai

Cooking regular white rice for a bhaat or pulao and it turns sticky? I will illustrate and explain here a fool-proof method for cooking regular white rice which is non-sticky, non-starchy and easy to mix into a spicy South Indian pulao or that tangy lemon rice. You will no longer have a messy lump of rice in tasty masala. This method uses good old Sona Masuri rice a very popular variety in Karnataka and other southern states. The first method is the ‘Absorption method’. In this method, a measured quantity of rice is cooked with required amount of water till all the water is absorbed. ... “How to cook rice”

Shenga Unde | Groundnut ladoo | Ladoo Recipes

Crunchy groundnut/peanut sweet balls
03/13/2016 5:11:10 PM vindhyadesai

Shenga unde are crunchy groundnut/peanut sweet balls. They are the most commonly made sweet snack in North Karnataka. Fast and very easy to make with just 3 ingredients. They are made of jaggery (palm sugar) and roasted groundnuts. A good snack for kids.
A very famous sweet recipe from North Karnataka and a must have during Sankranti/Pongal.
Try more groundnut recipes from FOI like shenga chikki, shenga barfis. Other Sankranti/Pongal recipes

... “Shenga Unde | Groundnut ladoo | Ladoo Recipes”

Rava Idli | Breakfast Recipes | Idli Recipes

Steamed savoury cakes made of cream of wheat/semolina
03/28/2016 4:23:28 PM vindhyadesai

Rava Idli, claimed to have been invented by MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room) during World of War II is a savoury breakfast dish popular in South India especially Karnataka. It is made of coarse cream of wheat or semolina, a bunch of chopped coriander, golden fried cashews, raisins & dals.
Rava Idli makes a light yet filling breakfast and very good for digestion since it uses curd/yogurt. Yogurt is added along with a pinch each of baking powder, soda which make the idlis light and fluffy. Serve it with chutney or aloo masala or sambar
... “Rava Idli | Breakfast Recipes | Idli Recipes”