Mixed Veg Kurma | Vegetable Kurma | Gravy Recipes

A great accompaniment for rotis & chapathis, mixed veg kurma in a coconut based gravy
03/31/2018 11:21:36 PM vindhyadesai

It’s always good to have a lot of gravy based recipes in your cooking repertoire. They work really well with chapathis and rotis and they just bring your full menu together. Mixed Veg gravies like saagu or this mixed veg kurma, Karnataka style are delicious gravies.
Lip smacking mixed veg kurma has an aromatic coconut based masala blend with subtle spices. It’s creamy and has the goodness of all the veggies like beans, carrots and green peas. I also served the leftovers with whole wheat puris and kesar elaichi shrikhand! ... “Mixed Veg Kurma | Vegetable Kurma | Gravy Recipes”

Broccoli Stir Fry | How to make broccoli stir fry?

Crisp, sweet, super nutritious broccoli stir fry to go with noodles
11/27/2016 3:59:14 PM vindhyadesai

Sometimes a simple and easy dish like a broccoli stir fry is enough is to awaken taste buds and give a satisfying feeling. Broccoli is designated a super food. It is loaded with fibre and is rich in Vitamin-C.
This green nutritious vegetable is not liked by many. But when made the right way it can be very tasty with minimal seasonings. This stir fry is simple yet flavourful.
It has ginger and garlic which provide heat and flavour along with sesame oil. Soya sauce adds the necessary saltiness and a swirl of honey added towards the end makes this sweet and sticky.
... “Broccoli Stir Fry | How to make broccoli stir fry?”