Iyengar Bakery Khara Biscuit | Khara Biscuit | Biscuit Recipes

Crisp, mildly spicy, reminder of your childhood, freshly baked Iyengar bakery khara biscuit
07/17/2018  11:41:48 AM vindhyadesai

Whatever the weather is, we all need a cup of our hot beverage, tea or coffee or milk. In childhood days, it was almost customary to have freshly baked goods once in a few weeks. We used to all wait for such days, freshly baked benne biscuit, fruity dil pasand, soft oozy honey cakes, hot & spicy aloo buns and nippattu! Of course Iyengar bakery khara biscuit was a regularly featured baked item from the bakery!
As I write this I can imagine those rainy days and taking in the fresh smells just after coming home from school. Oh, what joy! Iyengar bakery khara biscuit is a purely South Indian affair. Iyengar bakery khara biscuit (or simply khara biskuttu) is a mildly spicy biscuit with super tasty flavours from curry leaves & green chilli. ... “Iyengar Bakery Khara Biscuit | Khara Biscuit | Biscuit Recipes”

Baked Shankarpali | Baked Shakkarpare | How to make baked shankarpali?

Crisp, salty, sweet, nutty, baked shankarpali, badam-kaju & ajwain-jeera biscuits
10/23/2016 10:31:36 PM vindhyadesai

During Deepavali/Diwali, making Shankarpali/Shakkarpare snacks is very common. They are deep fried biscuits which are crisp with both salty and sweet versions. How about trying baked versions of this famous snack? Baked shankarpali are easy to make and you can change the flavours as you want. Here I have used only butter whereas some people do use vegetable shortening (dalda) which does not contain very healthy fats hence I generally never use it.
These can be made in bulk and 1 cup of all purpose flour yields a lot of biscuits. Just store these biscuits in air tight containers and they last for a few days. The base for both versions is the same. I have illustrated the base for both biscuits and then extended them into their respective flavours.
The sweet version can also be made plain without any nuts but adding almonds-cashews gives them a nice texture and flavour. The salty ones can also be made plain or even ground black pepper can be added in place of ajwain-jeera. The choice is yours! Also try benne biscuit recipe. ... “Baked Shankarpali | Baked Shakkarpare | How to make baked shankarpali?”

Benne Biscuit

Iyengar bakery style, smooth & soft like benne or butter biscuits
04/30/2016 5:06:58 PM vindhyadesai

Benne biscuits are one of those snacks which most of us remember from our childhood. Also called as benne biskuttu (butter like biscuits), these Iyengar bakery style soft and buttery biscuits along with the khara biscuit (spicy and salty version) used to be a special treat for most kids. Butter is not used anywhere in the recipe. I have adapted the recipe I had read a few months back on a blog called sumscuisine. Bake these aromatic soft buttery melt-in-the-mouth biscuits and store them in an airtight jar. Enjoy them one or many at tea-time. ... “Benne Biscuit”