Squash Risotto | Risotto Recipes | Italian Recipes

Creamy squash risotto, one of the best comfort foods with arborio rice and soft squash
03/09/2019 10:59:55 PM vindhyadesai

Comfort foods such as a creamy risotto is one of my many dreams. I dream about eating a spoonful of risotto and feeling the warmth go down my throat. Am I making you hungry because I know I am by just describing about it. Let’s make it more real, so here I am, back with a recipe for pumpkin or squash risotto.
A creamy risotto is usually made with arborio rice or risotto rice which you can easily get in super markets. It sure sounds fancy and restaurant’sy but trust me it is easy to make it at home. All you need is good ingredients, water and patience. Risotto turns creamy by adding boiling water one ladleful at a time. ... “Squash Risotto | Risotto Recipes | Italian Recipes”

Spinach and Peas Risotto

Creamy comforting risotto for a cold winter night
04/22/2016 9:27:57 PM vindhyadesai

Risotto is a creamy rice dish from Italy. Wine, butter are generally added to traditional risotto dishes. Here, I do not use any wine. It can be made with different kinds of vegetables, stocks. The rice grains used in a risotto are round short variety like Arborio rice. These days you will find them labelled as ‘Risotto Rice’ available in cartons in supermarkets. Risotto is a very comforting dish, it is easy to make but getting the right consistency is very important. Cooking on low flame and adding the broth/stock little by little are the keys to a perfect creamy risotto with rice cooked al-dente (to the tooth) ... “Spinach and Peas Risotto”