About Us

Dear Readers,

Food Of Interest [FOI] is a collection of vegetarian, vegan & eggless recipes from India and a few other cuisines all over the world. Namaskara, Namaste, Hello and Welcome! I am Vindhya Desai.

In this food blog, I document and illustrate recipes for every day cooking . I will also add recipes of various complexities with different cooking techniques and types of ingredients. The readers are welcome to browse through the website, pick & cook any recipe that interests them!

I have learnt cooking over several years now. I am not a trained chef or a professional. It’s out of interest and choice that I made cooking my hobby, a daily routine and now my passion. Observing other people cook teaches one a lot and trust me it will surely want to make you pick up that ladle or skillet or pan and start cooking yourself. Just start by reading recipes here or elsewhere, watching some TV shows, writing down a few recipes and pretty soon you will be surprised that you would want to cook every day.

FOI started out as a food blog with a few posts several years back after which I decided to develop content before launching this website. Sources of recipes are endless. I have a big collection of my own handwritten recipes, notes from my mother, mother-in-law, a family friend, a lot of cooking shows, magazines etc. I refer to various websites, resources and keep reading about food. I will make a conscious effort to mention my recipe source, adaptations and improvisations where applicable.

All recipes posted in FOI are tested & tasted mostly by family & friends. A stepwise format of all recipes will be documented usually with a printable included. All photos are clicked using a Canon PowerShot (SX220HS) for stepwise pictures and a Nikon D3000 for the final dish ready to be served. All photos and content are copyrighted to Food Of Interest.

Everyone appreciates good, healthy and most importantly tasty food. Please do provide feedback and comments on the new website. Spam and promotions are strongly discouraged. Cooking at home every day is practical, baking is fun, lavish and extravagant spreads for a festival are also possible.

Happy cooking!