Bhavnagri Gathiya | Gujarati Recipes | Snack Recipes

Crisp with a mild spicy taste, tea-time special Bhavnagri gathiya
09/15/2019 8:22:38 PM vindhyadesai

Come tea-time we have a number of cuisines that offer a great number of snacks to prepare and enjoy. Gujarati cuisine is one of the best of the cuisines to offer a wide variety of snack recipes. It can be anything from dhokla to khandvi or crisp and fun snacks. These special crisp Bhavnagri gathiya is one of the most fun snacks to enjoy at tea-time.
A few simple ingredients and you have fun Bhavnagri gathiya in no time. Here I have made them with a black pepper flavour because of my love for the spice. But you can add red chilli powder or crushed green chilli or garlic. Adding ajwain is important in all besan snacks to aid in digestion. Add hot oil to the dry mixture to make the Bhavnagri gathiya crisp and light. ... “Bhavnagri Gathiya | Gujarati Recipes | Snack Recipes”

Baalekayi Pepper Roast | Raw Plantain Roast | Snack Recipes

Crisp, peppery, a delicious snack or side dish with tomato saaru, baalekayi pepper roast
07/31/2019 9:29:02 PM vindhyadesai

Finding healthy ways to snack is a big area of your cooking life. It is easy to reach a sugary snack bar or a bag of those salty potato chips. But those calories will make you feel guilty, a normal scenario isn’t it! So how about we remove the guilt and also fix the snack. So let’s make raw banana pepper roast or baalekayi pepper roast.
It is such a fun snack with very minimal ingredients. The flavour obviously comes from black pepper which is freshly pounded and for that fragrant South Indian taste, curry leaves do the trick. A pot of your favourite masala chai and baalekayi pepper roast, what a combination! ... “Baalekayi Pepper Roast | Raw Plantain Roast | Snack Recipes”

Khandvi | Besan Khandvi | Gujarati Recipes

Fresh and tasty, Gujarati special tea-time snack or fun party food, Khandvi
07/09/2019 3:18:16 PM vindhyadesai

I am always fascinated by Gujarati dishes, some are rich and some are very simple. Gujarati dishes have such cute names too, dhokla, khandvi, handvo, undhiyo, thepla etc. I have always loved khandvi and it was one of the first Gujarati dishes I tried a long time ago. These are so soft and flavourful, I can imagine gulping down a few right now.
Khandvi is made with a simple besan and curd batter, cooked till smooth. This batter is then spread out on a plate and topped with freshly grated coconut and coriander leaves. This is then cut into long strips and rolled into a small roll. On top, goes a simple flavourful tadka making khandvi delicious and ready to serve. ... “Khandvi | Besan Khandvi | Gujarati Recipes”

Eggless Oatmeal Raisin Cookies | Oats Raisin Cookies

Scrumptious chewy eggless oatmeal raisin cookies to go with some milk or tea-time
06/30/2019 8:52:30 PM vindhyadesai

Many of us are attracted by the fancy cookies and biscuits sold in cololurful supermarkets. But have you stopped and thought that you can make them right at home and you exactly know what you are adding to your cookies. So here we are with chewy eggless oatmeal and raisin cookies.
These eggless oatmeal raisin cookies are so wholesome, lightly chewy and also melt in the mouth at the same time. The oats and raisins give a lot of body to the cookies. The flours, butter make them light and yogurt makes them moist and crumbly. Here I have used a combination of wholemeal/wholewheat flour along with all purpose flour. But feel free to use either. With the wholemeal/wholewheat flour you will get thick and dense cookies because of the gluten. ... “Eggless Oatmeal Raisin Cookies | Oats Raisin Cookies”

Churmuri | Murmuri | Masala Puri | Snack Recipes

Karum Kurum churmuri, a low calorie snack to enjoy in the monsoon
06/25/2019 9:29:53 PM vindhyadesai

Tea time has arrived in my home and it is raining outside. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Onion pakoda? But sometimes you don’t feel like having something oily and it’a lot of work isn’t it? Ok ok, question session is over, let’s go make some karum karum churmuri or masala puri (don’t confuse with the masala/e puri chaat).
When I was thinking of a one-line summary for churmuri I had to put ‘karum kurum’ in it. That has to be the best way to describe it, there is no other way to it, in my opinion. There are certain things which have no words in any dictionary and you have to describe it just the way it looks or sounds. Just go by your instincts 🙂 ... “Churmuri | Murmuri | Masala Puri | Snack Recipes”

Oven Roasted Haagalkayi Chips | Karela Chips

Crisp, oven roasted haagalkayi chips, savoury and enjoyable for a rainy evening
06/13/2019 9:38:47 PM vindhyadesai

All of us love crispy, salty and savoury snacks, don’t we? I love finding oven roasted snacks to make it interesting and yet keep them less in calories. Some examples include beetroot and potato skin crisps, roasted mung dal, bakery style roasted peanuts. So you get the drift, we are going towards a simple, healthy, oven roasted snack for today’s recipe, oven roasted haagalkayi chips.
Oven roasted haagalkayi chips are easily made with some tender haagalkayi/bitter gourd/karela. Scoop out the seeds, slice them, lightly oil and add your favourite masalas. All you then need to do is spread them evenly on a baking sheet/tray roast them off. All the fun and no calories and surprisingly they do not have any bitter flavour. ... “Oven Roasted Haagalkayi Chips | Karela Chips”

Maddur Vada | Maddur Vade | Snack Recipes

Monsoon & maddur vada, the perfect marriage, a tribute to the rainy season & Karnataka
06/09/2019 6:14:27 PM vindhyadesai

Crisp maddur vada is an emotion! I am not just writing a random sentence here, it is a fact! A small village called Maddur near Mysore in the beautiful land of Karnataka is where this wonder snack was invented. Like I have put in the tagline for this recipe, monsoon and maddur vada are synonymous. To welcome the elusive rain let’s do ti with a super snack!
For making Maddur vada you need to get the proportions of flour right to get a crispy and beautiful texture. But the most important thing to make crisp maddur vada is to use finely chopped onions. Here I have used my trusty chopper to do the job but do test your knife skills if you fancy it. One more important part of the process is to add a little smoking hot oil to the maddur vada to get the crispness. ... “Maddur Vada | Maddur Vade | Snack Recipes”

Nachos Nirvana | Nachos With Toppings | Mexican Recipes

Perfect to share for a crowd on a match day, loaded nachos nirvana
04/18/2019 10:04:33 PM vindhyadesai

Timepass, timepass, timepass! As summer holiday season is peaking and holidays from schools means making more fun things to eat. Especially during the match season we all need that ‘fun fix’. So here we are, providing a simple idea with a Mexican classic, nachos nirvana!
Nachos nirvana, I am not sure how the name has come up but I tried this at a restaurant a couple of years ago. Basically all this is, is a layer of nachos topped with your favourite toppings and baked till the cheese melts. Serve immediately, this is a fun to eat, tear n share fun snack! ... “Nachos Nirvana | Nachos With Toppings | Mexican Recipes”

Eggless Strawberry Cupcakes | Strawberry Muffins | Cake Recipes

Sweet & slightly tart, with actual strawberries inside, tasty eggless strawberry cupcakes
03/15/2019 2:31:55 PM vindhyadesai

Cupcakes, muffins can be made in a wide variety of ways. So this time at FOI, we tried a strawberry cupcake, eggless as usual and they turned out to be soft and delicious. I even made a little frosting to go on top and the taste was simply delicious. You can serve these eggless strawberry cupcakes for breakfast with coffee or just as a snack at tea time.
I have used natural organic red colour (paprika extracts) to give it a nice red coloured tinge. Of course real strawberries have gone inside these soft eggless strawberry cupcakes. The main ingredient to keep them soft and moist is yogurt, so add some natural yogurt as mentioned to make these eggless strawberry cupcakes. ... “Eggless Strawberry Cupcakes | Strawberry Muffins | Cake Recipes”

Nutella Braided Bread | Chocolate Bread | Bread Recipes

Soft fluffy buns with a twist, nutella braided bread to enjoy at tea-time
02/23/2019 10:02:49 PM vindhyadesai

These days I try to bake most things at home. But kneading the dough to make bread, buns or rolls takes some effort. Nevertheless it is worth the effort and so this time I wanted to try something a bit more fancy. So I tried a nutella braided bread which is basically bread dough filled with hazelnut chocolate spread. This is braided into a nice plait and then baked off till golden brown.
A hot cup of coffee and some ooey gooey nutella braided bread to go with it can set you right up. I know chocolate spreads are rich in calories but hey cannot hurt to make this once in a while. A small piece would not hurt anyone and share your nutella braided bread. It is just fun to make it and eat it. In fact involve kids while making this, yes a bit of mess will be on your hands to clean up later. But who’s complaining! ... “Nutella Braided Bread | Chocolate Bread | Bread Recipes”