Chard Aubergine Lasagna | Lasagna | Italian Recipes

Creamy, tangy, multi-layered, Italian special, chard aubergine lasagna
07/15/2019 9:18:16 PM vindhyadesai

An Italian special pasta dish used to be somewhat of a luxury. I used to love going to Italian restaurants and eat a nice hearty meal. But soon I realised making Italian food at home is therapeutic. One such evening I wanted to make something relaxing after a long few days. And what better than ‘Garfield’s fave – weighing 2 pounds the food of the gods – Lasagna’. Sounds like an introduction to a wrestling match.
Okay, going back to the relaxing part, chard aubergine lasagna is a wonderful dish. It is so satisfying to make and assemble the different layers. I will not vouch for this chard aubergine lasagna to be an authentic dish but the layers nevertheless carry the essence of a lasagna. For any lasagna usually there are 2 kinds of sauces, red sauce based on tomatoes and a white sauce made with cheese. ... “Chard Aubergine Lasagna | Lasagna | Italian Recipes”

Coconut Milk Cauliflower Pulao | Cauliflower Pulao | Pulao Recipes

Filling and delicious coconut milk cauliflower pulao, perfect for a light lunch
07/02/2019 9:57:24 PM vindhyadesai

Mid-week is here and we are half way to the weekend, well almost! Wednesdays at my home is rice day every week, different bhaats and pulaos are made for the lunch box. Yesterday, I found a nice, fresh, firm cauliflower and I have a can of organic store-bought coconut milk. So coconut milk cauliflower pulao it is for tomorrow.
Coconut milk cauliflower pulao is a very simple pulao and uses very few ingredients, you can get it ready in a jiffy. Wash the rice and keep aside. Clean the cauliflower florets and get them ready. A few spices on hand and you are ready to roll with the coconut milk cauliflower pulao. And oh yes, make it with ghee and it tastes amazing. ... “Coconut Milk Cauliflower Pulao | Cauliflower Pulao | Pulao Recipes”

Veeledele Chitranna | Veeledele Bhaat | Betel Leaves Bhaat

Delicious, festival special- a different spin to chitranna, veeledele chitranna
06/11/2019 9:58:31 PM vindhyadesai

After many months I finally could buy some veeledele/betel leaves here. They were fresh and tender and recently I had seen a bhaat recipe, probably in some magazine or on a TV show. So for a festival when I was thinking of making something different yet simple, I remembered veeledele chitranna.
Veeledele chitranna puts a different spin on traditional lemon rice or nimbehannina chitranna. Veeledele or betel leaves have a natural refreshing flavour which is why they are eaten after a lunch to cleanse the mouth and aid digestion. This veeledele chitranna turns out to be very refreshing too owing to its nice peppery flavour. ... “Veeledele Chitranna | Veeledele Bhaat | Betel Leaves Bhaat”

Mangalore Southekayi Beejada Saaru | Saaru Recipes

Mild and cooling, Mangalore southekayi beejada saaru, to serve with a delicious lunch
06/06/2019 6:07:28 PM vindhyadesai

Certain vegetables are edible all the way. I mean you can consume most of the parts of the vegetable like peels, pulp and even seeds. Like this Mangalore southekayi beejada saaru or mogekayi beejada saaru. Mangalore southekayi or cucumber is a widely used in the coastal regions of Karnataka. Nowadays it has made its way into the city (like many things have 🙂 ) and you can find it in vegetable marts or shops.
When you make Mangalore southekayi huLi, store the tender fresh seeds of the cucumber. These seeds can then be ground and the liquid extracted along with coconut to make tambli or Mangalore southekayi beejada saaru. This saaru is very nutritious and cooling. Both the seeds and coconut give it a mild flavour and make it delcious to sip with your meal. ... “Mangalore Southekayi Beejada Saaru | Saaru Recipes”

Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biryani | Veg Dum Biryani

Delicious weekend lunch, fresh vegetables in a gravy, Hyderabadi vegetable dum biryani
05/11/2019 9:34:10 PM vindhyadesai

So after the recipes for biryani chawal and biryani masala, here is the grand entrant on the blog. Like a royal with royality flowing in its every grain, Hyderabadi vegetable dum biryani. We do not make biryanis at home very frequently, it is rich and royal, so once in a while it makes it worth it!
First let’s see what a dum biryani is, dum means cooking in its own steam. All the biryani layers are made and then ‘dum’ is given to it. Getting the biryani chawal consistency is very important to make a delicious Hyderabadi vegetable dum biryani. Flavours are so layered and so deep, you need to savour this dish in a royal way – the shahi/nawabi andaz as they say! ... “Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biryani | Veg Dum Biryani”

Biryani Chawal | Biryani Rice | How to cook biryani rice?

Super fragrant, with each grain of rice blooming like a jasmine flower, biryani chawal
05/06/2019 8:34:51 PM vindhyadesai

Any rice based dish is always defined by the way one cooks the rice. The texture of rice is very important to make any biryani or pulao. Imagine eating a paste like textured pulao or biryani where the rice grains are sticking to each other with no bite. Sounds unappetizing isn’t it. But let’s not ruin the actual dish and we’ll learn to make some good biryani chawal today.
Biryani chawal or rice for biryani is made with basmati rice. Basmati rice is long grained and filled with a fragrant aroma. It defines your biryani with all the masalas making it a signature dish. Biryanis have layers of flavours and each layer should ooze with aroma. This is the reason why biryani chawal or rice for biryani is flavoured with some spices to make it extra special. ... “Biryani Chawal | Biryani Rice | How to cook biryani rice?”

Aloo Kurma | Potato Kurma | Gravy Recipes

Rich coconut gravy, with soft aloo and matar, aloo kurma
04/30/2019 9:56:07 PM vindhyadesai

Coconut based gravies go so well with rice or chapathis/rotis. Aloo kurma is definitely in that category along with veg kurma, mixed veg saagu, peas kurma etc. I love eating aloo kurma with whole wheat puri or just chapathi, the best combination there is. Although it seems complicated to make, don’t fret, it’s not so. The recipe is divided into sections in the ingredients area so it is very easy to follow.
Aloo kurma like any kurma has delicately ground coconut paste with some fragrant spices. Cashews and coconut give body to the paste. A squeeze of lime/lemon juice rounds up all the flavours making it very tasty and lip-smacking. Of course feel free to omit the garlic and onion and make it, tastes just as delicious! ... “Aloo Kurma | Potato Kurma | Gravy Recipes”

Moolangi Sambar | Radish Sambar | Sambar Recipes

Aromatic and super tasty, Karnataka style moolangi sambar or moolangi huli
04/24/2019 6:29:40 PM vindhyadesai

Today morning as I was looking for vegetables to make lunch, found the radish I bought 3 days back. So immediately I decided it was Karnataka style moolangi sambar for lunch today. We love moolangi sambar or moolangi huLi at home, it’s my favourite!
The good news is that, there is no need of grinding a fresh masala always to make a delicious moolangi sambar. Using homemade sambar powder you can make a super tasty moolangi sambar and it is just as thick and aromatic as the freshly made one. See notes below if you want to add some fresh masala paste. ... “Moolangi Sambar | Radish Sambar | Sambar Recipes”

Mooli Paratha | Radish Paratha | Paratha Recipes

Healthy and tasty, a staple paratha in many households, mooli paratha
03/30/2019 10:10:04 PM vindhyadesai

Wholesome parathas are always loved at my home. I make them all the time, parathas of all kinds, aloo paratha, gobhi paratha, paneer paratha and theplas like carrot paratha, methi thepla, beetroot paratha, tomato paratha and more. I make wholesome mooli paratha all the time too and I photoshot this recipe almost 2 years back and forgot to post it.
Radishes are an under-appreciated vegetable like most root vegetables are, be it beetroot or sweet potatoes. So delicious, mooli paratha is the order of today. There are all kinds of radishes daikon, horseradish, small breakfast radishes that look as cute as a button! ... “Mooli Paratha | Radish Paratha | Paratha Recipes”

Banana Chapathi | Baalehannu Chapathi | Banana Recipes

Soft and delicious banana chapathi, a perfect thing to pack for kid’s lunchboxes
03/12/2019  2:13:05 PM vindhyadesai

I had never imagined that one day I would document so many recipes with banana/plantain. Baalehannu rasayana, banana appam, baalekayi chips, baalekayi bajji, banana bread, banana milkshake, baalehannina dosa etc. The list is quite long and to make it longer we have a new kid on the block, enter banana chapathi! One of the best dishes to pack for the lunch box for kids, slather with little ghee and roll them up. Kids will absolutely love this banana chapathi!
Banana chapathi can make use of a nice ripe banana and it is flavoured with elaichi making it taste really delicious. My mother taught me this easy recipe and I make it for our office lunch box all the time! We love eating banana chapathi with mango pickle or some simple palya or curry. ... “Banana Chapathi | Baalehannu Chapathi | Banana Recipes”