Bhavnagri Gathiya | Gujarati Recipes | Snack Recipes

Crisp with a mild spicy taste, tea-time special Bhavnagri gathiya
09/15/2019 8:22:38 PM vindhyadesai

Come tea-time we have a number of cuisines that offer a great number of snacks to prepare and enjoy. Gujarati cuisine is one of the best of the cuisines to offer a wide variety of snack recipes. It can be anything from dhokla to khandvi or crisp and fun snacks. These special crisp Bhavnagri gathiya is one of the most fun snacks to enjoy at tea-time.
A few simple ingredients and you have fun Bhavnagri gathiya in no time. Here I have made them with a black pepper flavour because of my love for the spice. But you can add red chilli powder or crushed green chilli or garlic. Adding ajwain is important in all besan snacks to aid in digestion. Add hot oil to the dry mixture to make the Bhavnagri gathiya crisp and light. ... “Bhavnagri Gathiya | Gujarati Recipes | Snack Recipes”

Ukkarisida Modaka | Ukadiche Modak | Modaka Recipes

Soft steamed bundles of fun, Ganesha’s favourite, ukkarisida modaka or ukadiche modak
08/30/2019 7:45:51 PM vindhyadesai

Ganesha Chaturthi is near and every food blogger puts in loads of efforts making and presenting different kinds of modak/modaka. I realised I do not have a single post of modaka in over 400+ recipes on FOI. Ganesha’s favourite modak/modaka has to be posted then, for this year’s festival falling on Monday, 2nd Sep of 2019. In my home, we always make everyone’s favourite, bele obbattu/holige. But today we will learn ukkarisida modaka or ukadiche modak.
Ukkarisida modaka or ukadiche modak are steamed modaka with a kayi-bella/coconut-jaggery hoorna/filling. The caramelized coconut-jaggery mixture along with the elaichi makes it very aromatic and flavourful. Now let’s talk about the outer layer, it is very important to get it right. It has a subtle taste and is made with rice flour made into a pliable dough. A pinch of salt is what adds the subtle flavour and seals the deal. ... “Ukkarisida Modaka | Ukadiche Modak | Modaka Recipes”

Mathura Peda | Pedha Recipes | Sweet Recipes

Melt in the mouth Mathura Peda, Sri Krishna Janmashtami special sweet
08/22/2019 3:36:15 PM vindhyadesai

The best things always come in small packages at least in this case, little bundles of joy and fun, Sri Krishna Janmashtami special Mathura Peda. This is one of the best sweets to be made for the festival, Mathura is believed to be the birthplace of our Lord! This is a simple and easy way to make Mathura peda and I am not aware whether this is an authentic recipe but it does taste really good. I love the small size of the pedas and children will absolutely adore them.
Mathura peda has only a few simple ingredients and you have a delicious sweet made in no time. I have used my homemade khoya/khova recipe to make khoya. Generally I make the khoya ahead of time in order to save some energy to actually make the pedas. If I make the khoya in the morning I make the pedas in the evening. This recipe is from my last year’s menu for the festival. ... “Mathura Peda | Pedha Recipes | Sweet Recipes”

Satyanarayana Prasada | Sapada Bhakshya | Baalehannina Sheera

A well balanced sweet, loaded with bananas, raisins & cashews, Satyanarayana Prasada
08/11/2019 6:16:24 PM vindhyadesai

We as children always used line up for different prasada/offering/prasadam during festivals or pooja or other rituals. Some of the favourites being Panchamrutha, Tirupati Ladoo and definitely Satyanarayana Prasada. Satyanarayana prasada or sapada bhakshya is a super special kind of sheera made during Satyanarayana Vratha Pooja. How can it not be delicious when it is made for a special occasion with the best of ingredients!
Many of them do feel intimidated by the thought of making Satyanarayana Prasada. Simply because the occasion can be overwhelming or the fact that you are making it as prasada to distribute to people. But do not fear, there is a simple and easy way to make Satyanarayana prasada. Use good quality ingredients and do not do other things in parallel. Just concentrate on this and the secret is, well are you ready? Ghee! Yes good fresh ghee is essential to make a delicious prasada. ... “Satyanarayana Prasada | Sapada Bhakshya | Baalehannina Sheera”

Panchamrutha | Panchamritha | Festival Recipes

Sweet nectar as naivedya, panchamrutha with bananas & a balance of ingredients
08/06/2019 5:44:27 PM vindhyadesai

Now that Shravana month/masa has started, there are festivals almost everyday. But we cannot make sweets everyday and it is not good to consume so many sweets too. Of course, we do need to offer naivedya during the pooja rituals and what better than a simple yet wholesome ‘Panchamrutha’. Before I write a whole lot I would like clarify that there are many ways in which people make Panchamrutha but this is one way we make at home.
It is about the balance of all ingredients, the 5 nectars , milk, curd, sugar, ghee and honey. Kids and adults alike like this and it is one of the things we used to look forward to during festivals and on visit to temples. It is just a beautiful thing to wait for as the flavours develop as it sits. Panchamrutha is just so satisfying and the sweetness makes your digestive juices to start working before the big meal! ... “Panchamrutha | Panchamritha | Festival Recipes”

Bahala Bhaat | Mosaru Shavige | Curd Vermicelli

Creamy and cooling, curd based shavige or Karnataka special bahala bhaat
08/03/2019 3:21:59 PM vindhyadesai

On some mornings when you are short on time and do not have idli or dosa batter on hand, simple breakfasts come in handy. But upma/uppittu or avalakki can be boring sometimes and their turn for the week is up then we need some more ideas up our sleeve. One such recipe is my favourite Karnataka special bahala bhaat or mosaru shavige.
Bahala bhaat or mosaru shavige is a cooling shavige/vermicelli dish. It is loaded with fun things like cashews and raisins and of course the main ingredient is cooling mosaru/yogurt/curd. In my experience most vermicelli varieties take about 3-4 minutes to cook or 5 minutes tops! This can be then quickly cooled and mixed with cool mosaru/yogurt/curd. ... “Bahala Bhaat | Mosaru Shavige | Curd Vermicelli”

Baalekayi Pepper Roast | Raw Plantain Roast | Snack Recipes

Crisp, peppery, a delicious snack or side dish with tomato saaru, baalekayi pepper roast
07/31/2019 9:29:02 PM vindhyadesai

Finding healthy ways to snack is a big area of your cooking life. It is easy to reach a sugary snack bar or a bag of those salty potato chips. But those calories will make you feel guilty, a normal scenario isn’t it! So how about we remove the guilt and also fix the snack. So let’s make raw banana pepper roast or baalekayi pepper roast.
It is such a fun snack with very minimal ingredients. The flavour obviously comes from black pepper which is freshly pounded and for that fragrant South Indian taste, curry leaves do the trick. A pot of your favourite masala chai and baalekayi pepper roast, what a combination! ... “Baalekayi Pepper Roast | Raw Plantain Roast | Snack Recipes”

Banana Dates Milkshake | Banana Dates Smoothie | Milkshakes

Smooth and tasty, banana dates milkshake or smoothie, for breakfast or beverage
07/28/2019 9:30:56 PM vindhyadesai

Banana and dates, what a sweet combination! They have the most delicious naturally occurring sugars. So imagine the both of these sweet fruits in a thick milkshake, for me, it is nectar. A sweet milkshake going down your throat sounds like a great idea anyday. So it is banana dates milkshake as today’s recipe.
Banana dates milkshake provides instant energy and the best part is no external sugar is required to make it. I have also thrown in a little oats to make it into a fibrous smoothie. So you can have this for a quick breakfast too. Use soft pitted dates so you will get a creamy milkshake. ... “Banana Dates Milkshake | Banana Dates Smoothie | Milkshakes”

Chard Aubergine Lasagna | Lasagna | Italian Recipes

Creamy, tangy, multi-layered, Italian special, chard aubergine lasagna
07/15/2019 9:18:16 PM vindhyadesai

An Italian special pasta dish used to be somewhat of a luxury. I used to love going to Italian restaurants and eat a nice hearty meal. But soon I realised making Italian food at home is therapeutic. One such evening I wanted to make something relaxing after a long few days. And what better than ‘Garfield’s fave – weighing 2 pounds the food of the gods – Lasagna’. Sounds like an introduction to a wrestling match.
Okay, going back to the relaxing part, chard aubergine lasagna is a wonderful dish. It is so satisfying to make and assemble the different layers. I will not vouch for this chard aubergine lasagna to be an authentic dish but the layers nevertheless carry the essence of a lasagna. For any lasagna usually there are 2 kinds of sauces, red sauce based on tomatoes and a white sauce made with cheese. ... “Chard Aubergine Lasagna | Lasagna | Italian Recipes”

Godhi Kuttida Payasa | Daliya Payasa | Payasa Recipes

A creamy delicious Karnataka special godhi kuttida payasa, perfect for festivals
07/11/2019 9:10:24 PM vindhyadesai

Simple payasas are one of the most satisfying sweets out there. Our good old South Indian payasa/payasams are so wholesome. Even though they are sweet, they are filled with nutrition especially the ones made with jaggery. Rich in minerals and fibre, this godhi kuttida payasa or daliya payasa is one of the best.
Godhi kuttida payasa is whole wheat daliya, jaggery mixed with a freshly ground paste of coconut and poppy seeds. Almonds and cashews add richness and raisins add fun to this payasa. And what better than ghee and milk to further enrich this wonderful ‘food of the gods’! A bowlful of this payasa is actually food for the soul. ... “Godhi Kuttida Payasa | Daliya Payasa | Payasa Recipes”